Is your brain full? We certainly hope so!

Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. And “Rome” starts with “R.”

R takes time and practice to master. But, hopefully, you’ve been energized by some of the exercises and examples shared today. Let’s do a quick review.

The Basics

Some of the keys we covered early in the day and then have repeated already to the point that, with luck, they’re already seeming intuitive:

Possibly Starting to Sink In

Beyond the basics, we covered other topics that can take a while to wrap your head around. Keep at it. These are key!

Almost Certainly “More Study Required”

(Hah! And we called this page “Key Topics!” Are you starting to feel like when you ask for “KPIs” an get 37 metrics in return?)

Some additional topics that start to move from “making R work” to “making it work efficiently and awesomely:”

And That Just Gets Us to Statistics!

And Back to More R Stuff!

Getting to Deliverables

That’s about it. Once you’ve got these “key” topics mastered…you’ll realize that your adventure with R has, really, just begun!